The town of Silverstream has until recently been a relatively quiet town. About 500 hundred inhabitants call the place home. It is essentially a free town that is ruled rather loosely by a counsel of elder artisans. It is mainly a fishing and silver town. No major mining is done in the area; most of the silver is panned from the Silver River or dug out of the local mountains by individual prospectors. Four months ago reports from some of the fishing boats reported smoke to the north east in the direction of Agnomist. Agnomist is the major trade town in the Iron Mountains Region with a population of around 8000. Not long after that, marauding pirates appeared on Sifted Lake harassing the fishing and trading boats of the lake and stealing part of their loads. Fear has spread through the villages of Sifted Lake as these pirates have been getting bolder and bolder. There is fear now that they will start attacking the villages. At the same time rumors of bandits and monsters in the surrounding areas have increased and trade has come to a standstill. The council has asked for a group of volunteers from the town to investigate the matter.

Spirits of Chaos